We Are Tempted

We Have An Enemy

Chris Bunton
6 min readJun 7, 2024

In the book of James, chapter one. God tells us that we are tempted. He explains that the Lord does not tempt us with evil. God is good and He does good always.

But. The scriptures say we are tempted and enticed. This happens because of our flesh. Our lust. Our desires.

So who tempts us?

Historically preachers have used these verses to show that we sin because of our flesh.

Which is true.

But, over time the lesson has become totally about the flesh, and our corrupted nature from the Fall, while excluding the fact that we are being tempted and enticed by someone, who is not God.

Satan, his angels and demons, or unclean spirits.

We have even created jokes to ridicule the idea that we are tempted by demons.

Saying things like “the devil made me do it.” or we say, “Yeah but, God will protect us” Which is true, if you are saved. But, saved people do not have fellowship with demons. We rebuke them and drive them out like Jesus, in His name. But, too many “believers” never wage spiritual warfare. Is your family protected? Your friends?

Peter said, that the devil is a roaring lion going around seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)