Universal Food Care

Why Are We Fed Poison?

Chris Bunton
5 min readJun 10, 2024

If I was President, I would push to make our food, water, and other products safer.

People are demanding Universal Healthcare. They want free medical care for life. But, my question is, why are we not demanding that the food, drink and other products we use, not poison us? Why don’t we demand that we are free of poisons? Why don’t we demand Universal Food Care?

Why not create systems whereby we eliminate diseases that we are aware of, or suspect is caused by what we consume? We are well aware that most of the leading causes of death and disease, such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, and Obesity, are caused by processed chemicals in what we eat, drink, use and rub on our bodies. Why are companies, allowed to continue to poison us?

Why don’t we demand health, instead of healthcare? Wouldn’t it be wise to reduce disease and death BEFORE, instituting a Universal Healthcare system? Wouldn’t Congress be more likely to pass such legislation if the cost was greatly reduced by reducing the amount of sick people?

I’m sure there will be arguments stating that companies have the freedom to poison us, and that we are free to choose different products. But, is that really true? When we consider that many people are too poor for better options. And they often do not know…